Betrayal Served Cold

I left the goblins and orcs and made my way back to the surface. I must have been out for awhile. It looked to be just before sunrise. I prepared for the day.

On the plains, I looked around and saw no one. I flew about towards the woods, where I sensed Fiola and Starg to be. They both seemed okay.

Taking shape, I proceeded cautiously. I could tell I was getting closer. And then I saw them.

Fiola was bound and gagged with Starg leading her forward at the point of his sword. He has crossed a line. Now when I kill him, I thought, it will be for good.

I started to rush in, but then heard voices.

"Is that you Starg? It has been awhile. You have two eyes now. What happened? And who is this? Oh, oh, oh, Her! We have dreamed of catching this one again. Oh, you will be well-rewarded Starg. Let me have her now." And he gurgled, shaking his head, licking his lips, and laughing with a chilling glee. "You, my pretty, will know such sweet agony in our hands. I almost envy you, so close to the joys of Gruumsh will you be."

Starg replied, "No, Rishrak. I surrender her only to the leader and only once a deal has been made. Otherwise, I shall cut her here. It was her and that stupid half-orc friend of hers that vandalized me, healing this eye. But it was the only way, the only way to get them here."

"And where is this friend of hers?"

"I know not, we got separated. You have not found him yet? It was necessary to separate as it was the only way to get her by herself; together they are quite powerful. Separate, I can take them. Once I have my reward I will go and fetch him if that be desired. I can tell him that his precious Fiola was captured. That stupid lug will believe anything. He actually thought I would join him again with his precious Kord. I spit on them both." And he spit! The blasphemous traitor!

I wanted to run in there, save her. But how could I as they could easily hurt her before I could get there. Oh, Kord! What should I do? What have I done?

I followed them, seething against my stupidity, my trust. Desperate to save Her, to kill these followers of Gruumsh. And I had had such a nice time with the goblins and orcs. Ah, the simple life.

What should I do? They went to the caves that Matola had told me about. I needed to get in there and free Fiola. This was getting to be a habit.

Mords of Wisdom: Know when an enemy is still an enemy.