Docking Ale

So I was drinking with Pitter and Barrel. They told me the most amazing things. We saw Throw Down come in and waved him over. He was looking haggard. I bought him an ale. I have a lot of ale on tap thanks to my wrestling wins.

He didn't want to talk. So we sat there, listening to the chorus of voices around us. We started swapping stories and I told about the time I met Pitter. It was at the docks. I had gone to get a shipment of Kordian materials, some of which was quite valuable and some of which was quite tasty. I was entrusted with this most important of tasks. I loved going to the docks. Well, I was walking back with the stuff when some guys jumped me. They wanted the stuff. It was 4 against 1 and I was unarmed. Still, I gave it my best. I took one out with a couple of punches, but the others got me pinned down and was beating me. Then two of them got picked up and tossed aside. That was Pitter who saw the fight. We quickly finished off the group, but the last one, I hit very hard and he went flying out into the street, smashing into a kind looking fellow. Unfortunately, the fellow was carrying a very fragile figurine. It shattered. He looked aghast and then started to shrivel a little. I hurriedly went up and apologized and offered to help, motioning to the distant Kordian temple. He looked at me, and said, "I, Alahandro, do not need help from a filthy half-orc or those whose consort with such. Watch your back, boy." And in a puff of smoke, the fellow vanished. So that was how Pitter and I met. Me offered to buy him a drink, that big grey fellow. And we had much fun together.

Now, Pitter and I are training dwarves. My, how far we have come.

Tomorrow, we are going to take the little dwarf children out for an expedition.

Mords of Wisdom: Help is never more welcome than when getting beaten.