Earth Pounders

Barrel found some dull-witted mining demons. Rather red, blobby creatures with little wings and very large eyes. We tried to get some information out of them, but we are really bad about not killing demons. They died spectacularly though; their bodies went pop and then they oozed into the ground. LowShow was sniffing at the ooze and when Barrel tried to shoo her away from it, he slipped and got rather covered in the sticky stuff. So with a wave of the hand, I washed him clean with Kord's spit. He grimaced.

We decided to just fly roundabout to the light. At the crest of a mountain we could see that there was a shining portal and that materials were being carried up and into the portal. Around the gate, there seemed to be a decent sized group of demons hanging out.

"We could always storm them," I suggested. This was not met with much approval, as I had suspected. "Or we could distract them and I could try to seal the gate." This seemed to meet with more approval.

ThrowDown had an idea. "The earth around here cries out in agony. It wants to rip these demons apart. So I think I shall oblige it. Give me some time and I can create havoc in their ranks."

So now we wait. He seems to be almost done. So far, I see several extremely large hills forming, hills with some pretty massive arms. They are starting to pace. I have never seen hills pacing before. It makes me dizzy.

And now he comes back: "They are ready. This army of elementals will march down into the valley and destroy the defilers."

The hills are moving, not a sound to be heard. Now we must prepare. I can already hear the death cries of demons.

Mords of Wisdom: Control the terrain to win a battle.