Nothing to Report…

So we have been back here for a few weeks. In our absence, the two clans Tackling and Carrots have started to work together. The other clans have yet to participate.

Apparently the giants have been getting even more aggressive and Carrots are building up and out in defensive gestures, scouting the lands. We have already been out killing some more giants.

I have still been taking to night wanderings. Tonight I keep thinking I hear stuff, seeing shadows, but I don't know. Maybe I am going crazy.

The dwarves were excited by our tale of the Hammer of Thunderbolts, but not exactly pleased when we told them what happened. I visited Weakling a week ago; I can travel fast now upon the winds, just a wisp. He is doing well and has already mastered many of the basics. He would not say much, but I think he is already starting to attract converts there, but he seems weighed down by the secret. I suggested he may need to go journeying soon.

I really like my sword, but I keep wondering who Smitmar was. It just does not make any sense. We felt like the cave had not been lived in for years. It is very confusing.

Do you hear that? No, of course you don't. You are a stone. But I could swear, well, no.

Well, I guess that's it, wait, "Who are you? What are you doing here?...Starg, you found me. Oh, and you brought company. Well, if we must. My sword is thirsty. What do you have in your hand? AHHHH."

Mords of Wisdom: Paranoia in dark tunnels is a GOOD thing.