Snow Tracks

We searched and we flew for a couple of days. On the second night, it snowed heavily. In the morning, we continued our search and we found some giant tracks. We followed them and found a fire giant, a hill giant, and a young looking stone giant.

So we did our usual prep work. I wafted in and found out that the stone giant was not evil. I wafted back and told the others. We determined to take out the other two giants, but talk with the young stone giant.

We stalked them, prepping ourselves for battle.

As we began our onslaught, Barrel shot arrows into the lead giant. Throw Down arced lightning between the two evil giants. And Pitter threw boulders at them. The two giants ran towards us and I ran towards them. As we met, I delivered deadly blows to both of the evil giants, felling them.

And then the stone giant turned and ran. We shouted to him to stop, but he kept running. Barrel cast an entanglement spell that stopped the stone giant in his tracks.

Pitter and Throw Down moved in and tried to talk to the stone giant. I studied him. He seemed to be scared, curious, and, well, tired.

Eventually, we got him to talk to us. He told us that his name was Hall Brew, which made me thirsty. He explained that he belonged to a group of stone giants that had been living in the east for a long time. They had fled their original homes for reasons that he did not know. But they had lived a nice, peaceful life in the mountains for many decades. Recently, there had been new giants, fiercesome giants. They forced him to join them.

I asked if he had ever had dwarven ale. He said no. I told him that I would be right back. And I flew to Tackling clan and convinced them to give me a nice cask of ale.

Upon my return, we drank the ale. The stone giant said it was nice, but nothing compared to his parent's brew. I asked him if perhaps we could go and try it. He smiled and said that we would be welcome to it if we could get him there. He thought there were many dangers in the way.

I told him not to worry and let us drink our worries away tonight. Tomorrow would be a day that he would not quickly forget.

Mords of Wisdom: Know the hearts of those in front of you.