The Emerald Hall

Wow, I did it. I have been allowed into the feast of heroes. The emerald doors have opened to me. No longer an outsider.

In the morning after the night in the cave, we could hear the orcs closing in. There was no way out there.

I prayed to Kord: "Kord, take us back to New Ardlord, your temple and away from these orcs." And in a moment, we were stepping onto the grounds of the temple. So far from those orcs, Fiola's mission done, my rescue of her successful.

And so I came home for the first time. I saw my mom. She looked happy to see me, though I could see still much pain in her eyes. She seemed to struggle the whole time with something, almost as if she wanted to tell me. I kept hearing her mutter, "Not yet. He is not ready yet. Soon. So soon."

Fiola is going through stuff too. She returned a hero, the tales of her deeds well known at the temple. Apparently, she had done quite a bit.

Me just a hero by rescuing her. Tales of my deeds are not yet the tales of legends. But still, they gave me a seat in the emerald hall, next to Fiola. We ate there for the few days I was there. The food is glorious, filling me with the warmth and strength of Kord. It is hard to go back, but I must rejoin with the dwarves. The temple elders tell me that it is important that I continue on that path. And so I shall.

Fiola is recovering. Her body has been healed, but her spirit will take some time. She told me she needs time to herself.

So I leave, I go back. I drink dwarven ale and fight giants. This I do. But my heart, my heart will remain here.

I said my good-byes and wafted away.

Mords of Wisdom: Time, not magic, heals the spirit.