The Remnants of Like More

On the third day from the attack, we flew back to Like More. This time, we went to the cavern itself. The giants had left, as far as we could tell.

We entered and found what surely was once a beautiful place. There was a waterfall in the far corner, rushing down into a river that wound its way through the streets of the cavern. There were gems that we could still see sparkling all around this huge cavern, glinting a prism of light all around.

It was hard to reconcile that beauty with the raw carnage that was around us. The dead had been removed, but the blood had dried and stained the stones that we walked upon. The rubble of the homes, of the ceiling, of the lives destroyed, made it slow going. We decided to explore as much as we could.

There indeed was much rubble blocking some of the tunnels. We could tell that many tunnels had been cleared, probably from the giants trying to find more dwarves to slaughter. But there was so much rubble that we suspected some of the tunnels were left undiscovered.

Turning back into our gaseous form, we floated into and out of the rubble. This time, we told Pitter to hang back. I would have stayed back as well except my services might be crucial to saving lives.

It took over two hours before we found our first group of survivors. We fed them and I healed them. We were able to dig them out fairly quickly.

And then we continued on. Eventually, we rescued about a dozen or so dwarves from their hidden places. We escorted them out of harm's way, checking for giants.

There was one group that was buried under so much rubble that I simply made them gaseous as well. They were unnerved, but grateful.

We saw no signs of the Hammer or the dwarf that handled it. Whatever happened to him remains a mystery.

And so ends Like More. Just handfuls of survivors. About 800 dwarves reduced to 50.

Mords of Wisdom: Being gaseous is useful for clearing people out.