To the Mountain Smith

All Grins and Pitter were busy for a couple of days with the negotiations. The rest of us were not needed.

But when they were done, we all took off into the mountains. It was cold, really cold. So I had Kord protect us from the elements and we managed to make it through the mountains. We fought a few critters along the way, but nothing to shocking.

According to the map, the smith was located halfway up this one mountain. So we trudged up the mountain and found a cave. Exploring it, All Grins spotted a hidden door. Past the door was a tunnel that led to a rather nice cavern. It was filled with stuff, but it seemed abandoned.

We looked around and I was unsure whether we were missing anything. So I asked Kord to reveal that which was not visible. And there, in the corner, was a dwarf. He eyed me darkly.

"Ah, so a follower of Kord, you be. Will I never get some peace?"

"I am Mord, I serve Kord with my greatsword." The others looked pained.

"Great and noble dwarf, we have come to seek your assistance," said Throw Down. He was always such a good talker."Smitmar, I presume?"

"Who are you and what do you want? I have not seen others in many years and that is for a reason."

"Master Smitmar, I was a student of Core Rid It, and he died. He left a note saying to come here."

"Core, ah Core. He had such promise. Such wasted promise. Dead, you say? That is surprising. Tell me what happened."

And so we talked. Smitmar was willing to help us. He actually had quite the setup for a smith which was a little odd since he was in the middle of nowhere. His eyes kept looking at me with the oddest look in them.

"Giant troubles? Well, it sounds like the time for the Hammer of Thunderbolts has returned. Look, you get the Hammer for me and I will make your weapons more powerful if you like. Right? Good. So, all you need to do is go to Ysgard and find the Hammer. Then come back. You can get to Ysgard, can't you?"

"Master Smitmar, I do not have a fork to Ysgard. But otherwise, yes, we can go. Ysgard, wow. Amazing. Yes, we will do this. Or die trying."

"Oh, you will die, no question about that. Many times, I presume. Look, leave your stuff here otherwise you are likely to lose it. You can have some of those rusty weapons over there. Here is what I know about where to find the Hammer..."

And so it was that we travel to Ysgard.

Barrel asked me about Ysgard, what I knew about it.

"It is called Ysgard."

"Yes, I know. What else do you know? Did you not study planes at the temple?"

"I studied planes for years."

"So what else do you know."

"It is called Ysgard."

"Wait, you are actually saying it correctly."

"Yeah, that took me years. I proud. Oh, and I do remember that this is a place with lots of dying. Big battles, everyone dies, painfully. But they come back the next day for drinking, merriment, and killing. My kind of place."

"Sounds fun."

"Very. I can't wait for Smitmar to find his fork."

And so after a day of searching, Smitmar gave me his fork. He is going to work on our weapons while we explore Ysgard. Tomorrow promises to be very exciting.

Mords of Wisdom: Hermits should live somewhere nice.