Uncle Arry

So my uncle showed up today, Uncle Arry, though most people call him Aranord. I haven't seen him in a long time. He spends a lot of time on the southern continent studying (?!) the ancient texts of Kord and his faithful companion Drok. Rather obsessed, he is. But there are none finer at the temple in book studies than him. Actually, I think he might be the only one that does book studies. Not a lot of call for that in the good old temple.

Anyway, he showed up today to confer with the others and to lend his knowledge. He taught me everything I know about planes. He was looking a little pale at the thought of all the violence in the area. Kept looking over his shoulder when I told him about the attack last night and the dark elf prisoner that we have. So he talked with the elves, dwarves, and the giant ISear. I studied, if you can imagine, this great book in the king's library. It is making my head hurt, but it is supposed to improve my understanding of stuff. Or so the cover page had scrawled on it. The others are reading too. It looks like we are all going to grow from book learning.

I also started this plan to augment myself a bit. Today, thanks to the grace of Kord, I can speak and read in any language I like. Permanently!

After our studies, we had a long late feast. We talked about plans to go to the city and take out DieLess and his people. No one else trusted this dark elf. But I trust him. I understand his motives and I know he speaks the truth. The dwarves still want us to take on the giants first. They think we are crazy for even entertaining the idea of a raid on a major dark elf city. Just the four of us, you know. Apparently, the orange shirts suffered quite a number of casualties last night and are not willing to help.

And the elves. Well, they are a funny bunch. They want their enemy defeated, but they think we should wait, gather more resources. Maybe in a few months, or years, or centuries, or something. I think I have seen snails move faster.

The others are excited, particularly after Kord's mighty feast of heroes. That always gets them in the mood, hehehe. So they are gathering their stuff and I am to get FarTolth. We fly to the city tonight! DieLess will finally die more.

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