Work and Recon

The dwarves have kept us quite busy these past couple of weeks. We have helped them with their defenses and scouting. Many of their own people have been assigned to help the other clans. It was felt that it was best if we did not go elsewhere.

So Pitter and I do quite a bit of heavy lifting in the construction of defenses. Barrel and Throw Down are constantly sent on scouting missions. All Grins is actually involved with working with the other clans.

We were able to do two more flights over the mountains looking for the giant army. We flew to the northern boundary of the mountains and followed a river to the coast. We saw nothing except desolate country.

We have made several sweeps over the mountains in those two flights. We have yet to find anything. What we need is a good consistent search for a week or two. I have asked A Brick about it, but he feels that it is too unlikely for us to spot the giants. Our services are better used here. But he did emphasize that we, particularly me, could always leave if we (me) chose too.

I have not really wrestled anyone in weeks. Most are too busy, but even the ones that are just drinking do not seem interested. Why am I here? I could be out in the plains, having fun with Fiola and the others. She does not respond to my messages, but Starg has. He tells me everything is going well and that Fiola is just a little upset that I have not come back yet. He says that she is very tired as of late. I wonder why?

Mords of Wisdom: All work and no wrestle frustrates Mord.