A Bricking We Go

We flew hard and fast to Tackling. The dwarves had to know.

We found Tackling and suggested that we speak with him and A Brick. So dinner was arranged, which suited me just fine. Tackling hinted that there was also some big news in Carrot clan.

So we broke bread, ale, and table with Tackling, A Brick, and Far Cry.

"So what news have you for us?" gruffed out A Brick.

"Well, we know our news. But we do not know your news," I replied.

A Brick looked puzzled, counted to ten on his fingers, drunk some ale, and then, "Very good, then. Much to my surprise, Carrot clan has adopted the name of A Brick clan."

"That's quite an honor. But isn't it customary for the name to be the leader's name?" I asked.

"Indeed. It is the custom. And the custom holds."

I looked at him puzzled. Then looked at the others. They were grinning and getting up to clap A Brick on the back. Then it dawned on me; A Brick was the new leader. I got up and gave him a great big Mord hug and whispered, "Congratulations. Um, could you take care of a couple of pardons?" He tilted his head, smirked, and nodded.

"Now, tell us your news," he demanded, already taking to his role as a clan leader.

So we told him of what we found, the conscripted stone giant, the long-time resident giants, the refugee camp, and the tales of the eastern monster continent.

Tackling and A Brick conferred and told us that they would think about what they could do.

And then we celebrated. In the morning, we head to the elves to see what they can do for us.

Mords of Wisdom: Always ask for a pardon as soon as you can.