Elves in the Dark

In the morning, Tackling roused us with the news that the elves wanted to speak to us. This was convenient since we wanted to speak with them.

So we flew down and reached them around lunch time. We met with the good King Fella. We exchanged news. The king agreed to help the giants. We agreed to investigate some dark warnings. The court diviner told us that something was going to happen tonight, a sacrifice or a summoning. More than that, he could not say.

So I talked with Kord. After many questions, I concluded that we needed to go to the summoning circle. That killer of dogs, Die Less, that coward, would be there.

So we had a Feast of Kord which protected us all with the glory of Kord flowing in our veins. The king offered his newly-created orange-shirt brigade, but we thought that they should be used better elsewhere. Kind of bright for a dark ambush.

We flew down and staked out trees around the summoning circle. And then we waited. So long. No ale. Nothing fun. Boring. Just waiting.

And then, in the darkness, I sensed the approach of evil. I tried to whisper for Kord's favor, but I could not speak. I created a false image to wait and moved away until I could find my voice. I prepped for battle while I saw Barrel run behind me; he was determined to kill Die Less.

And then the circle flamed up in great light. And out of it strode a giant creature. I ran to engage it, but before I got there, Die Less had begun talking to him. And Barrel shot him in the butt. Ouch. Of course, Die Less fled along with the great beast.

That left Die Less's fellow dark elf companions. We made quick work of them. Surprisingly, I managed not to kill them, but just knocked them out.

So now we have prisoners. Why did I do that? Barrel looks crazed, foaming at the mouth for his denied vengeance.

And I am depressed that we let a new monster get out of our grasp. I am beginning to dislike this summoning circle.

Mords of Wisdom: Killing a man's dog can be quite the pain in the butt.