The Dark Heart

Dark elves and darker men. So there we was, sitting in the dark hours of the early morning, a new day coming upon us, but the old one gripping us.

ThrowDown's wall of fire blazed eerily into the snowy night. Barrel, enraged by the escape of DieLess, kept beating on the helpless dark elves. I restrained him, but the soldier stirred.

ThrowDown demanded that he tell us what they were trying to do that night, what that creature was, what their plans were. ThrowDown looked even more crazed than Barrel. I am not sure what has gotten into these men's hearts. At least Pitter seemed to have some compassion for our prisoners. I felt like the humans were going to torture this poor fellow.

I stepped in, defending the soldier. I tried to explain to my friends that these dark elves did not know what they were really getting into. That if we told them the truth, maybe his people might have second thoughts.

The soldier told me his name, @$%@%@#$%^, and I convinced my friends that they posed no danger to us. I left the soldier with the message that BaffledMint ravaged the eastern continent and that the dark elves were setting this continent, and themselves, up for the same treatment.

He said that he would report that, which I thought was decent of him. Barrel then gave him a good clunk on the head and we left.

The others sleep now, but I wonder about them. They seemed ready to kill and torture. What would they have done to my father and his people?

Mords of Wisdom: Darkness spreads.