The Council Cometh

We have done it. Our efforts have brought together the dwarves, the giants, and the elves. And perhaps the humans.

King Fella called a council to discuss the problems we are all facing. The dark elves, their new beast, the rebel giants, the hungry giants, BaffledMint, and the goings on of the eastern continent. Much was said, much was drunk. Okay, okay, the drinking was me. And maybe I said a lot. It is a little hazy, but I think I was told to take a timeout. Hmph.

Actually, me and this librarian popped down to New Ardlord to talk to my temple elders. Apparently the beast was a GreasedRow, a favorite creature of BaffledMint. They said that he was a siege engine, but I did not understand what that meant. He was big and strong and hard to kill, but, well, I don't know. Seemed kind of like a coward, fleeing us like that.

Anyway, we talked with my elders and they have to confer as to what to do. They are pretty far removed from the goings on of the rest of the continent.

Back in the Council, the dwarves and elves decided to help feed the giants, but in quiet. I keep hoping that my temple will send clerics to the giants. Maybe they can talk them into following Kord. I think that would be nice. Wrestling giants is fun! And they have such great ale. I will need to talk to them about that. Imagine that! Kordian giants. What fun.

I talked to ISear about Kord. He kept looking away and clearing his throat. I think he was considering how wonderful it would be to have a god like Kord.

As far as we can tell, there are the dark elves who seem ready to advance on the elves and perhaps the rest of the continent. There are the giants led by GalNear, looking to kill the dwarves. And then there is BaffledMint. Fella wants the dark elves dealt with; the dwarf leaders want GalNear stopped; ISear wants the eastern continent taken back.

I am inclined to go and look at the eastern continent. I have been away too long. And my father, could I find out what happened to him after all this time?

After the negotiations were done, the King gave Barrel a very nice bow. When I mean nice bow, I mean, a bow that sings with divine power of an origin well beyond these mortal lands. It was the bow of an elf that apparently was responsible for beating back the dark elves once before. And Barrel has it now.

I tried to look at it later, but Barrel kept grimacing. Still, he is asleep right now...

The King also said that we could check out his personal library. Books. That sounds like fun.

"We're under attack!" Well, I guess I gotta go.

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