Greasing the GreasedRow

With the call to battle, my heart sang with joy. Tonight, we would save a kingdom.

I, Mord, fought for Kord with my greatsword.

We ran out and it quickly became apparent that the dark elves were attacking. Barrel climbed a tree while the rest of us ran to the wooden defensive wall. Barrel loves trees.Very strange. At least he seems to be over his mountain goat phase, I think.

Some elf cast some light onto the scene and we could make out some dark elf archers in the distance. I sent my spiritual sword to do battle with the distant archers. And then I saw the GreasedRow. It lumbered out of the shadows and started pawing the earth.

Appearing between myself and the beast, a wall of blades spanning the distance whizzed into being, no doubt thanks to ThrowDown. Arrows from Barrel hailed down on the creature. I sent Kord's hand to grapple, but the beast ignored it. I sent my image to distract it, but to no avail.

The GreasedRow charged and stamped out a mighty earthquake. The wooden defensive wall crumbled, all of us falling to the ground. Barrel was shaken out of his tree. And suddenly, my path to the beast was clear.

I charged in as Barrel hailed down more arrows, Pitter struck with his mighty club, and ThrowDown lobbed his orb of acid. None of them felled the beast, but as soon as I struck, just one mighty blow in the name of Kord, the beast felt finally, at last, the bittersweet taste of death.

With their champion fallen so quickly and decisively, the dark elves fled in terror. There were others attacking farther around the wall, but I ran and quickly dealt with them.

And so the night grew quiet, the mighty beast lay still. The elves were secure again knowing that for this night, at least, they had the mighty protection of Mord and his friends.

Mords of Wisdom: To make that final killing blow is all that matters.