A Core Loss

So Core was pleased to have his elixir back. He showed me where he kept it and made me promise if anything happened to him, that I would safeguard it. Me not know what it is or how to use it, but me agreed.

As a reward for getting the elixir, Core gave my some fine boots. He said they would make me fast. Me thanked him.

And then Core trained me. He taught me many things, honing my skills and mind. I learned of many great and terrible deeds. Learned more about those early days of the colony. It was fascinating and tiring. And all of this was in addition to helping the dwarves with their defenses. There was quite a bit of work to do. Sometimes, we would be off for awhile helping with the fortifications or extended war drills, etc.

And at times, we had to go out and smite the wandering giant. But all in all, it was a great time for me. I finally found someone to learn from. I was content.

Then, one day, Core asked me to follow him out. He wanted to show me something. We traveled a good distance. When we arrived at our destination, he finally taught me the secret of a mighty attack. And so I practiced. He taught me many things that afternoon. And then, I am not sure what happened.

The mountains seemed to shake, lightning started striking. And Core looked afraid. He yelled to me, "Go. Now. And remember your promise." And we ran. Arrows whizzed by me, I heard a thwunk and looked and saw Core was hit. It looked like he was falling, he was falling, he fell off the cliff and into the raging waters below.

Core was gone. I looked around and still could see nothing. A darkness covered my eyes and I ran, tears streaming down my face.

My mentor was gone. I searched the river, but found nothing. I was alone again.

I made it back without further incident, broken inside. The past few weeks became a blur of bittersweet memories. I had had a new father, I had thought. And I had lost that father. Terribly, tragically. I could have brought him back, if I had his body. I tried to message him, but no response.

I did as he asked and pocketed the elixir, to guard it with my life. Perhaps one day, I will find someone who could use it and finish the promise of the sword I held.

And now, I must prepare for his funeral. It is a sad day for the dwarves; they loved Core greatly, a celebrated smith. I hear that the elves are even sending someone.

Ah, the long night. The voices have returned, the loneliness. Oh, Kord! What shall I do, why do so many die?

Mords of Wisdom: Even the best fall.