Save the Elf

So we attended Core's remembrance. I was an honorary honor guard, allowed to carry my weapon, the weapon Core had made. In attendance were the heads of the dwarven community and so many others. But a great elf had joined us as well, to pay the elven respects. Apparently Core had once done some great deeds for them as well.

As I listened, I felt this weight. Suspicious eyes glanced in my direction. I was the last one to see him, I was there and let this great dwarf fall. I was the reason, mysterious reason, why he was out. I could see ugliness in many of their eyes. And I was sad as their eyes reflected my own heart.

But then it was over and they left. A few stayed behind for the final respects. The elf was among them as was I. Barrel stayed around too though I don't know why. He never seemed to really trust Core. But it seemed he wanted to be near the elf, I felt.

As we were about to leave, I heard it, a chanting, a chanting I had heard before. This was not good. I yelled, "Duck" and I threw myself on the closest person to me which was the elf. My body covered him as the fireball scorched us in the room. I took the full brunt, but he was unharmed. Others in the room were not so lucky. Many were writhing in pain.

Barrel seemed to be doing well, though. "Barrel, take the elf to safety. Be wary, I think he might be the target. An elf dead in the dwarven halls. I will hunt down this coward."

And I brandished my sword and took off down into the catacombs. I could see torchlight ahead and I followed. And then I felt it, that cold of undeath. I prayed to Kord to give me the power to destroy the undead. My sword glowed and I started attacking the hordes. My blows struck, severing them, disrupting them, burning through their ranks. I made it through, fire blazing in my eyes, aching all over.

Still I strode on. I stalked my quarry. I almost had him, but then he threw a web at me. I got entangled. I prayed for freedom and got free, but it was too late. I saw the mage slip through a door, it clicked shut with a finality that I knew I could not get through.

Defeated, I walked back. The room had been cleared and Barrel had escorted the elf out. Apparently, they started talking and became good friends. The elf offered to repay us. I said I did not need anything, but his eyes twinkled. Barrel seemed happy at the thought and offered his bow to the elf.

The elf departed and a few weeks later, he came back. He gave Barrel his bow back and it looked nice.

"Look at these carvings. Look at these strips of dark wood. You know what they do right? Feel these strings. Amazing! See their quality. Hold it here; that new leather in the center is something to behold. And you know, at night, sometimes, I think it glows a dull orange."

"Yes, Barrel. Very nice bow. I know you have shown it to me, but I not see no glow. Here, have another ale." And so it went on. Barrel was so excited. I was happy for him, but joy was not in my heart right now.

As for me, the elf gave me a nice shirt. My old one was pretty ripped apart, by fire and the undead. This one, when I wear it, well, I seem to be able concentrate better. I like it. The elves do nice work even if they are a bit boring.

And so the days go on. I think I need a change or a challenge. I miss Core.

Mords of Wisdom: There is no safe place. Be ready.