Dwarves and water

Me tells them, "This tree is blocking the view." But does they listen to dumb old Mord? No. So they have me lug all these stones over, building them a nice, hidden sniper tower. And what happens? What happens? The little runts climb up, look out the slits, and say "There is a tree in the way, you dumb half-breed!"

Now, I not usually a violent fellow. But this time I tackled the fellow and pummeled into unconsciousness. I dumb because I do what these little runts tell me even though it is most unwise to follow their directions.

So I left the fellow. Yeah, I did. I was angry. I stormed past the Door Lick and into the dwarven cavern, heading for that glorious tavern. Me thinks the barkeep could smell the dwarf blood on my hands because he gave me the worst ale I have ever had. I don't think it clean.

As I drank that wretched liquid, feeling down about what I was doing here. Why did Core die? What was I going to do, become a dwarf? When I get out of here? Then one of those young dwarf messengers came up, you know, the ones with the helmets that fall over their eyes and that trip over every other step. Says I got to go see A Brick.

I nearly choked. So soon? Not even enough time to get properly drunk? So I went. I then saw the rest standing there with A Brick. To be shamed in front of them, so sad. But A Brick said nothing though he did pause when he saw the dried blood on my knuckles. He just shook his head.

He wanted us to find some legendary water dwarves. I not know what that means. I have seen dwarves and water. They like rocks in water. It would be fun to see All Grins deal with this. Of course, I knew Kord would be the one to help us out.

I asked A Brick if we were to give them something, you know, so they could believe us? He gave the tube to All Grins. I left with the others trying to keep a low profile and carrying me cask of ale. Sorry, half cask, cheap A Brick.

So Throw Down made this comfortable black round thing for us to sleep in. I hope Kord does not see this. Me, living in a nice place on the road. I suppose to be lying in muck. Ah well.

Not mentioned happened for awhile. I took watches of course. So boring. Thoughts of my dad, my mom, Core, my mistakes, my lost ...., all just torment me night after night. I stare into the darkness and it brightens my heart. So dark, weary. I need to pound something.

And so I did. It was satisfying. We followed a rive up to a big lake. Around the 4th day, we found some hill giants who were wandering around. I got big and ready to take them. Barrel stalked them and drew their attention with an arrow that sailed under the nose of one of them and into a tree. Thwunk.

The others were running up, I sauntered. They started to try and frighten them. Me not know why. Even more puzzling, Pitter tried to play a game of catch with them. But as I got up to the others (I quick), I could see one of the giants turn away in cowardice. I not like that. So I charged it down and killed it in a couple of well-placed blows. Dead it was, very dead. That seemed to relieve me a bit. But I was still raging.

Meanwhile, the others were taking down the brave one. They knocked him out. Then tied him down, revived him, and questioned him. Not surprisingly, we learned very little. These giants are not even as smart as me. They just here looking for trouble. Why? I not know why.

So the others decided to let the giant live. They knocked him out and left. I told them I needed to pray to Kord and would catch up to them. It was true. I did. But I also healed the giant a bit and asked Kord to allow me to speak to him.

I told that giant that he had the choice. He could either swear to me that he would go home and make no more trouble or he could face me in a fight to the death. He chose to fight. And I knocked him out. Cold. But sadly not dead. Since I can't kill in cold blood, I heals him again. And I give him the choice again. And again, I end up knocking him out instead of killing him. So I heals him again.

I getting tired. But fortunately, he finally sees reason. He leaves swearing to me that he won't do bad stuff. I tell him that I can watch him from afar and if he fails to keep his promise, I will kill him.

The others were easy to catch up to. All Grins was hungry and they were all just hanging out, lounging by the river like we was on holiday.

I tried to sneak up on them, but I must be bad at it. I heard a thwunk and an arrow was quivering in front of me. At least they were on guard. Barrel and his arrows.

And now I sit here on the edge of the lake while others slumber. None wanted to venture forth at night. Tomorrow will be draining.

Mords of Wisdom: Beat someone senseless enough and they might come around.