Gurgle, gurgle

So we found this lake with a little island in the middle. It was a nice lake. Nobody had been around for years as far as we could tell. Nice.

So in the morning, I called upon Kord: "Kord, grant us the ability to walk across water" and so we did. We walked across. All Grins was funny. He saw us walk on water and grew afraid. He thinks being wrapped in steel is bad to mix with water. Just as he started to walk out, we all acted like we were about to fall in, and he stopped in fear, then realizing the joke, he grunted and bull rushed past us. He was not pleased though I thought I saw a grin.

The island was empty. So next thing we did was search the bottom of the lake. Again, "Kord, grant us the ability to breathe in water, to move in water, as the fish do, and protect us from the cold." And so it came to pass that we became an aquatic party. All Grins was almost quaking in fear. Pitter and I came over as if to pick him up and toss him in. He spit in our general direction and said he was not afraid of anything. And so he leapt in, first of us.

We circled around on the bottom floor, keeping our bearings by Barrel surfacing every now and again. A bobbing Barrel. Before we made a complete loop, Barrel saw a man on the island and signaled us. Apparently, Barrel was telling us to stay down. We ignored him and surfaced immediately.

And that is how we met Far Cry. That guy looked smooth. He had the air of someone who was very confident. We greeted him and talked with him. We told him about our quest to find water dwarves. He raised his eyebrows and asked why. We told him about the giant war and A Brick's desire to unite the clans against this threat.

Far Cry looked interested. He said that we should go back to camp and wait until morning and that he would see what he could do. I asked him about wrestling. His eyes twinkled and said maybe tomorrow.

So we walked back across the water and made camp for the day. Throw Down thinks Far Cry is a dragon. But Far Cry no look like dragon.

Mords of Wisdom: Ask a stranger to wrestle and they might help you.