Tackling the Underwater Dwarves

So in the morning Far Cry came to our campsite. He looked solemn and happy. Barrel had just caught some fish and we were frying up some breakfast.

While we waited for breakfast, wrestling happened. Both Pitter and Far Cry started to wrestle me. It threw me off balance a bit and Pitter has gotten quite good and strong. I fear that soon he will beat me regularly. Like Core did. But the true contest was with Far Cry. I relished this. He looked so like he needed to be thrown down. And so I tried. But he just seemed to slip through my fingers and then he had me pinned. He was good. Real good.

I arose, thanking him, and shaking my head, I wondered what was wrong with me now. Ever since Core beat me, I have had a hard time wrestling. I look forward to trying out these water dwarves.

Anyway, Far Cry said that Tackling would see us. I scratched my head and said, "Who?" Far Cry said it was the leader of the underwater dwarf clan. And after a good breakfast, we went underwater again.

We went into this tunnel and followed Far Cry exactly; Pitter stumbled and fell into a pit trap. But he was okay.

Then we got to meet Tackling. I was about to tackle Tackling when Barrel caught my eye and shook his head. No fun.

Tackling was a fine looking dwarven head of the clan. His plate mail was a bit dusty, but in fine condition. As if it had never seen battle, even. They had been out of communication for a long time. But they were ready to rejoin the world, it seemed.

So we began the process of arranging for talks with these folks. I talked with A Brick with the help of Kord and they are preparing the diplomatic chambers and feasts and celebratory ales as we sit here. We will stay here for a time and then escort the delegates to the Carrot Clan.

Mords of Wisdom: Dwarves do not get out much.