Weakling and Me

So we are still here with the Tackling clan. I have the usual line of dwarves that need a good thumping. Every now and then Far Cry joins and throws me down. I just cannot beat that guy. I began to wonder if Throw Down was right; Far Cry does not seem normal.

There was one dwarf that seemed particularly keen on watching me and my wrestling. He was thin, particularly for a dwarf. And not very strong, seemed kind of youngish too. He introduced himself to me as Weakling so me says "That may be true, but you need not think that way." He blinked at me and just mumbled that the rumors were true, something about bricks in the head. I know not why he said that.

But he said that he wanted to learn from me. So I started to teach him wrestling. But he wanted more. He had seen me demonstrate my giant size to other dwarves. He wanted the power to be strong, to be competitive. I like this dwarf.

I told him all about Kord. His eyes grew wide with interest. He only knew of Moradin, the god of the dwarves. Nice fellow and all, but not as fun as Kord.

So it came to pass that I converted Weakling into a cleric of Kord. Down an abandoned tunnel, we found a nice room with some brooms. So I made it hallow, setup an altar and a holy water font. Weakling and I prayed and he learned the ways of Kord from me. He was a fast learner. And he was really good at getting supplies.

We are keeping it a secret. Dwarves are not so fond of other gods. But perhaps Weakling will find others interested as well.

With the holy water font, I scryed on old Hilly. I have terrible timing. I saw him eating, sleeping, and, well, yuck. I not learn anything. He seems largely to be on his own at the moment, looks a little sad and lonely, actually.

Weakling also scrounged up the saffron/mushroom ointment for true seeing. I used it and took a look around. Throw Down's good. Real good. Far Cry is a dragon, a bronze dragon. I could see nothing else strange, not even in the ale.

Mords of Wisdom: The heart can overcome the weakness of the body.