A new day, a new strength

I find that me not so sleepy anymore. Me thinks it is the ring upon my finger. I feel no hunger, no thirst, no sleep. I could go on and on. I still want food and drink though. Me like food and drink. I hear dwarves have great ale.

But I now sit up and watch. Air and Wander took the first watch and then went glassy as elves seem to do. Kind of freaky they are. But I all alone. So it is hours of doing nothing. I have already prayed to Kord in my usual ways. And today I could understand more prayers than I have ever understood before. I feel stronger and closer to my great lord Kord.

I think he proud of me. I know I not that good at making fine words, but I do feel his power flow through me. I strong and he likes that. Me feel good.

So I see light rising. I wonder what this day will bring. A whole dwarven realm. Time to do the morning chants.

Mords of Wisdom: When friends sleep, bad time for loud chants.