Carrot clan

As we walked, Air and Wander told us fantastic tales of the great dwarven carrot clan. They dig deep for gems and other stuff. I guess they must also have carrots. "For the glory of carrots" seems kind of odd to me, but me not judge.

All Grins is apparently not from carrots. He from Hardly Grins. That seems appropriate.

For Napkin is getting a little frisky with wolf Low Show. I think For Napkin is a little bored with us. He had told me of his adventures. Great stuff. Riding dragons, being swallowed by water worms, being chased by angry villagers, and generally getting drunk in every forest and mountain in these parts.

We not have any more drink. And while a wolf is nice and all, not so much a dragon, me thinks. So I think For Napkin will not stay with us. We not fun.

We had to go single file along a path. Then Barrel and Air stopped. They were ahead. We caught up and found that a dwarven guard had halted them. All was fine until they saw Pitter. They not like giants. Though Pitter not really giant yet. But he look giantish to the small folk.

Well, guard refused to let Pitter go. Me stay with Pitter to the bitter end. He good friend. Others went on to dwarven place to plead for Pitter to be let in. While we waited, I talked with guard. His name is Door Lick. Apparently, he is proud to be a guard.

I asked if he wanted to wrestle. He got this glint in his eye. He was tempted, really, really tempted. But he said "I'm on duty." Oh, these dwarves. For Kordians, our duty IS to wrestle. We wrestle anything. But apparently dwarves have other things to do. Still, I challenged him to a match when he was done with duty. He grinned and said he would love to. The wager: drinks for the night. I am going to drink well tonight.

I see our people approach with a rather tallish dwarf. He looks important. Or pompous. Probably both.

Mords of Wisdom: People not welcome their enemy's people.