A Brick Cometh

So there I was, standing tall with Pitter, long shadows casting over Door Lick, when I see Barrel and the rest come down the path leading a tall dwarf. Or rather, a dwarf taller than most dwarves. Still short.

So they come over and apparently the dwarf is captain of the guard. His name: A Brick. Sounds like a name that will be thrown down the halls of history and break a few windows on the way.

So he comes up and starts questioning Pitter. All Grins says that Pitter has proven himself. It was kind of obvious, really. I mean, he is covered in giant blood after all. True, most of it is his, but still our enemies blood stenches up our clothing and weapons.

One of these weeks, I must really wash the grit of travels off. I don't like washing but smelling like my enemies is not fun. Smelling like roast boar and dribbled ale, now that's my kind of smell.

After some thought and Pitter's nice speech about peace and all that, A Brick let's Pitter in. I had stayed quiet since it was really all about Pitter. But then I introduced myself:

"I am Mord. I serve my lord Kord with my greatsword. And my strength and my steel are at your service."

And you know what the little runt did? He laughed. I was offended. I give him my pledge, I speak of the great Kord, and his response: laughter.

Now mind you, I enjoy a good laugh. But not when it is about my lord Kord. I grimaced and asked him to explain himself.

He stuttered a bit and then he said that he was just happy to have such worthy allies and why don't we all go in and have a feast?

I clapped him hard on the back and said, "Yes, let us toast to our mutual good health and fill our bellies with that thick dwarven ale." And then I turned to Door Lick and yelled, "See you when your shift ends; enjoy your good health until then."

And then we went off and feasted well. Pitter had some dark looks thrown at him and I menaced in a protective way. But the guards relaxed as A Brick showed his support.

All in all, he does seem to be a decent fellow.

Mords of Wisdom: Dwarven ale is brutal--try it!