Rescue or Pursuit

So there we was feasting and enjoying dwarves hospitality. And then a dwarf hurries up to A Brick. It seemed that giants were attacking a northern mine of theirs and they had also spotted an enemy general to the east.

So A Brick asks us if we would like to help. Apparently they are under manned and their defenses are being built. I wonder who is in charge of this place?

Anyway, we debated. Going after a brutally tough general giant sounded like fun. But there was some imminent destruction that needed to be stopped. So we chose to go north to the mines. Air and Wander and For Napkin decided to stay behind. Them not so brave? Something about hair in the throne. Me not understand. There be a fight to go to and dwarves to save, and they stay behind. Bah! And poor A Brick. He has to wait while his people get slaughtered. What a hard job!

So we set out to go north. We came upon Door Lick who was interrogating a scrawny human. The human said his name was Throw Down. I thought he was issuing a challenge and started to advance when Barrel caught my eye and shook his head.

I harumphed. Nobody wants to wrestle and now I can't even wrestle Door Lick! So it seemed that Throw Down was tracking giants and decided to drop in on the dwarves. Well, giants? Geese, we were going to see some giants. Seems everybody like giants.

It looked like he might be magic guy. I asked how he be out here all alone and survive. He said he tough, that he could manage well enough. So I says, well, we are going to take out some giants attacking in the north. Throw Down thought it sounded great.

I told Door Lick that I would be back, but maybe not today.

So we set off to the north.

Mords of wisdom: Wrestle when you can, before giants attack.