A New Hunt

I traveled back to Tackling today. It was a bustle of activity. I ran into Weakling. He said that he was going to go traveling, see the ocean. I told him it was dangerous. He said that he had to go. He knew a few other dwarves that wanted to travel with him. They would head through giant territory to see what they could find. Me proud of him. So strong now with the ways of Kord.

I met A Brick in a dark corner of a bar in that clan.

"Mord, you are looking well. What have you been up to?"

"Well, I got my sword sharpened. And then I took care of some business for my temple. And I got to see the lady that I fancy. I reunited her with her mother after some battles with goblins and orcs. But now she and Starg are working with some good goblins, Kordian orcs, and gnomes to build something of an interesting community out on the plains."

"Starg, you say?"

"Ah. Right. Um, you know, Starg is a very common name. How about some more ale?"

A Brick grumbled, guzzled one ale, then a second. Then he looked at me.

"Mord, you have been of great help to us and I want you back with us. Fortunately, my people now have some dwarven heroes and are not feeling as hostile to outsiders. I think you can probably come back without too much of an issue. But it would be nice to know that you follow and respect our laws."

"A Brick, you know how much I just love following the law. How can I show respect for your laws?"

"Right. Well, there is a Like More dwarf that came to our clan. He seemed nice enough. He was one of the most amazing gem craftsmen I have ever seen work. He offered his services and we stupidly took him up on it. We found one night that he was gone and many of our most precious gems were gone with him. We know not where he went. We thought you might look for him and bring him and our gems back to us. With that, you would certainly be welcomed back."

"Huh. A jewel thief? How will I find him?"

"Fortunately, he had his beard trimmed before leaving. Here is some of his hair. Perhaps you can use it to find him."

"Ugh. Not more scrying!"

And A Brick left me there, saying he had to attend to his duties.

Mords of Wisdom: No deed goes unpunished.