Follow the Temple

The plains, Fiola, Starg, orcs, goblins, and gnomes, these I long for. It was supposed to be a short trip. Just drop some items off, say hi to the temple elders, maybe grab a bite to eat, some wrestling, and then return.

But no. They have other plans for me. And I must do as they say. They were fascinated by the tale I told, grateful for the return of the items, and we did have a feast with wrestling in celebration. All as I expected. But then, afterwards, the temple elders came to me.

"Mord, what are your plans now?"

"I plan to be return to Fiola and Starg. The plains offer some interesting challenges."

"Mord, but what about the dwarf war and your other friends?"

"Well, I will miss my friends. Maybe I could stop by at some point. But the dwarves threw me out. It is not in my power to return."

"If you will recall, you were to talk to A Brick soon and see if you could return. You were not actually banished, you know. And we believe it is Kord's will that you return."

"Why would Kord care? This is between dwarves and giants."

"We do not understand yet, but we feel that this matter may concern us all. It is clear to us that you are to return and do whatever is necessary to pursue all of this to its natural conclusion."

I looked at them, sadness in me. But then I nodded and surrendered myself to the will of Kord. Kord has done so much for me, I could not contemplate turning against his desires.

So I shall return to the dwarves somehow. I sent to A Brick and he said to meet him at Tackling clan. And so that is where I am heading next.

I also contacted Fiola and Starg and told them that it may be sometime before I can return to them again.

Mords of Wisdom: Expectations lead to disappointment.