A WeakLead

Finally, we have a lead on the giants. I had decided to check in on Weakling. I sent him a message and he replied thus: "Found giants. Will take care of them."

Ah, the brave little Weakling. He will make a great Kordian if he is strong enough. If not, well...

That's all he said. We need to find him. So I asked Kord where Weakling was. He said: "In the mountains of SoCold, halfway up FishTurd."

What an odd response. I asked Uncle Arry about it. He said that Kord had given me the names that we could find on a map of the region. So we ransacked the elven library for maps. And we found plenty. None of them had those names.

I went and told Arry that. He sighed. "Mord, those maps are in elvish. Why would Kord give you the location in elvish?"

I stared at him and then realized that we needed to talk to Tackling. So we whipped over to Tackling clan. Good old Tackling. We told him we needed to see maps. He looked at me and said, "You Mord? A map? Wow, that was unexpected. Just got a fine batch of ale in today. Join me after you find your map?"

And so we poured over the maps and finally, with the help of an ancient mapmaker, we found T-H-O-K-O-L-D region and then V-I-S-H-T-U-R-E. They all said it was close enough.

We prepare to fly immediately. I just need to finish this drink. It is a good batch. I feel my arms warming up for battle.

Mords of Wisdom: Gods can be annoying while being helpful.