Day of Rest

Today, we did almost nothing but reading a book. Boring! But welcome. I am sore from our demon friends.

So I talked with Uncle Arry today. He told me wondrous tales of the libraries of the southern continent. Boring! He mentioned that he visited my mother and suggested that I should see her soon. She is growing thin and gaunt, he said, thanks to her sorrows. I hung my head with shame for it was me that she was saving when she fled the colony. I have known for a long time that this was the case, but suddenly I am understanding it so much more. And yet that understanding does not comfort nor guide me to what I could do.

I am forbidden by the King to wrestle on his land. He thinks it is undignified. I am not pleased.

The elves were happy with the news. They have thrown a great feast which was very filling, but somehow lonely.

I scryed on FarTolth who seems to be fending off challenges to his loyalty. But it does look like his house is again in the ascent. The demon house has been isolated and is in disarray. I think the soldier I let free is leading the charge to rid his house of the demon-lovers. It looks like we are done with the dark elves.

So now it is just the evil giants and the demons on the eastern continent. I guess we will just have to see what comes of it.

I wonder of Fiola. I dare not go now. My attention needs to be on the current matters. But I ache to see her again, to feel her nails digging into me, the harsh ground hit us as we fall and flail. Oh, I am so torn at times.

Mords of Wisdom: Not sharing success with the one you love can be as bitter as defeat.