The plans we will make. Fiola and Starg are here at the feast with me, drinking and carrying on. We are all here. So is my mother, radiant now that she has hope and now that the Sword of Drok lies in her son's hands.

For tonight, we celebrate the end of the plague of BaffledMint. What lies next, only time will tell. I must rescue my father and there is a whole continent to claim and tame. And there is one sassy warmage to take as my own. But first, let me tell you of our great deeds.

We had escaped the maze and killed the weak guards in front of BaffledMint's throne room. We entered with gusto. The demon looked at us and snorted.

"Who dares enter my chambers?!"

I stepped forward, "I am Mord. I server my lord Kord with this greatsword. We demand that you leave our word alone."

Barrel rolled his eyes. BaffledMint chortled. "Ah. Of course. Well, I hope you put up a good fight. Today has been a very boring day so far."

And so began a long battle. Goat men descended on us as a wall of blades blocked our access to the throne. BaffledMint glared at Barrel who suddenly vanished. I beseeched Kord to bring him back and which he did with a plop. BaffledMint looked annoyed and glared at me.

One of the snake ladies in the room disappeared. ThrowDown threw a fireball into the middle of the room, incinerating most of the goat-men.

Pitter charged through the blades, being sliced along the way in his attempt to get at our enemies. I prepared to do the same but then BaffledMint turned his attention to me. He used his powers to send me away. I tried to reflect his attempt back at him, but my reflection was reflected back. A great purple stream was setup between BaffledMint. I gritted my teeth, holding on as long as I could, but in the end, I was swept away to another place, a pocket maze. A vile, disgusting maze.

Enraged at being separated from the battle, I cried out, "Kord, grant me passaged out of this accursed maze and bring me face to face with the coward BaffledMint." The maze dissolved and as I swung my sword into nothingness, it connected with the great, towering form of BaffledMint.

The Sword of Drok pulsed with joy. A demon-god to kill, I heard it sing. BaffledMint sneered and swiped at me with his great jagged flaming spear. We exchanged blows while Pitter clubbed him from the other side.

Blow for blow, the contest of strength and steel went on. Later I learned that the snake ladies had summoned a small army to attack which ThrowDown and Barrel fought off. They looked close to death when I found them.

But as I was nearing my own end, I finally saw a perfect opening. Pitter had just clubbed BaffledMint at the neck, and in that moment of distraction, I thrust the Sword of Drok deep into BaffledMint's dark heart. He glared at me, laughed, and disappeared.

I cursed him, the coward. The fighting ceased as his minions vanished. The tower started to shake. And his voice rang out. "Well, well. You do fight well. Since I enjoyed our little fun today, I shall grant you your desire. I will stop by mining operations on your world, for now. But if I ever see you here again, I will kill you. Now, begone!"

Pitter helped me over to the others, who were sprawled out on the floor, nearly dead, but conscious. We joined hands as I transported all of us back to our world, back to the elven lands.

We rested for a few days as feast preparations were made. I went and got Fiola and Starg for the festival. After much feasting and drinking, plans were discussed for the future. My eyes wandered over to Fiola who looked back at me with a mischievous grin. I swore to get my father back and to reestablish our colony. ISear agreed that those lands to the south would be ours as far as the giants were concerned. ThrowDown and Barrel decided to go demon-hunting on the far continent while Pitter was to stay and help ISear organize their people for the journey back.

Our little band of heroes was at an end, but our journeys were just beginning.

Mords of Wisdom: The end is but the beginning.