A Maze

I am annoyed. We are lost in some sick maze full of goatmen.

So we woke up and left the Great Hall, to return to the Abyss. We had decided the safest course of action was to teleport to the distant tower. We want to conserve our strength for the demon lord Baffled Mint.

I teleported all of us to wall by the keep. We could see a small army of minotaurs on the walkways across a moat of molten lava. They seemed to be marching out. The courtyard of the keep seemed empty. We flew over to the tallest tower and tried to get in.

It took much magical and physical bashing, but we eventually made it inside. And then we hit this awful maze.

The others are busy drawing diagrams and considering where we have been. I have found it all very confusing. Every room is connected to other rooms in ways that make no sense.

In a room with a fountain, we had walked in a circle by going straight through several rooms. I took a shot with my sling to see if it would come back, but it seemed to fall short.

Barrel grinned, took aim with his bow, and shot into the other room. I stepped back, smiling, "Ranger needs healing." Barrel looked puzzled and then gasped in shock as his arrow dug deep into his backside. Laughing, I sauntered over and healed him.

Moving on, we encountered several goat demons. Barrel was energized at killing them, but I found the contest far too easy. We took turns doing the slaying.

And now we have been searching for hours. There is a promising stairway ahead. Perhaps that will lead up this accursed tower.

Mords of Wisdom: When power bends back on itself, it is best to be weak.