Braving the Nothing

It was the stuff of legends. The gate about to open. A party of battle-scarred heroes ready to take on an army of demons. Weapons of power. Lightning crackling.

I gripped the Sword of Drok and yelled into the void. It was cold and swirling. Then hot and streaming. Dark and light, heat and cold, life and death, they were all mixing and singing in this corridor. And suddenly, it stopped.

I blinked. It was dark. So very dark. But in the vast distances, I could see a variety of blue and red portals scattered around in the distance. Creatures seemed to be walking into the blue and coming out of the red. I looked back just as Pitter was falling through. I stepped aside, but he was too big and we both ended up on the ground. Soon, ThrowDown and Barrel were sprawled across. LowShow scampered along with Barrel.

And then the gate shut down. All was black. I signalled to fly up.

As we did so, we could see flames shooting up from the planes, illuminating a massive round area with portals and tunnels ringing the sides. As we flew up, we could see that there was a vast maze surrounding our entrance plain.

We came to rest on one of the walls and took a look around. It seemed that there were a great many cries and shrieks from the maze. We could see many dark shapes flying above the maze. In the distance, we could see a large fortress. We assume that is Baffled Mint's place.

As we pondered what to do, a great shriek erupted. A flying serpent had dived and latched onto Pitter. I was next to him and swung the Sword of Drok at the creature just as ThrowDown hurled a massive green ball of light at it. The creature's scaly back started to melt away just as my sword plunged deep into the opening, killing the creature instantly.

Pitter collapsed under the pain and weight of the beast. After shoving the beast off the wall, we decided to retire for the night while I tend to Pitter's wounds. I summoned the Great Hall of Kord and we all entered into it, for a good night of feasting, drinking, and sleeping.

Mords of Wisdom: Always carry a feast in your pocket.