Dust to Life

I sat there stunned for awhile, staring at my uncle's body and the pulsating gate. There was not long left before the gate would be open again. The battles of the hills seemed to be ending, the noises fading, the showers of rocks no more. The others looked to me.

I grimaced, grabbed the sword, cut my hand, and swore: "By Kord, I shall see these deeds through." I went over to Arry's backpack and starting searching. And there I found packs of diamond dust. Enough to raise us all.

With renewed spirit, I set out to resurrect my uncle. It took a few minutes, but the power of Kord was soon flowing through me and in to Arry, revitalizing him. He awoke with a start.

"Arry, glad you could join us. How was death?"

He stared at me, blinked, smiled, and then said, "Relaxing. I seemed to be fighting hordes of crazy librarians as I strove to defend a tower of books. What a strange afterlife. Let's see, I suppose you need me to shut down the gate?"

I nodded. Only Arry knew enough to permanently disable the gate. And I needed to go hunt down a demon lord.

ISear will stay with Arry while they shut the gate down. The rest of us are preparing to jump into the unknown.

Mords of Wisdom: Always pack some diamond dust.