Death and Retreat

Well, that was some fight.

So Fiola had cast a few foggy spells. One was some kind of vapors that rolled along, killing or weakening the orcs. I think about half the tribe died from that spell. She is vicious.

She is also very smart. She had another fog that was pure acid. That hurt, but it burned through my ropes, freeing me. I stood and saw the dying orcs and then I caught sight of my backpack tossed in a pile. I grabbed it and all my other stuff and saw Fiola's prize mace. I picked it up and whatever else was in that small pile. Looking around, I saw chaos.

I grew big, powerful, and protected. I saw orbs of fire and acid flying about. And then I saw some orcs coming for me. I swung at them with the mace, cracking one on the head, sparks flying, killing him. And then I killed another. I was on fire, raging. I swam through the orcs. And then I saw a flaming sword, my flaming sword. And I went for it.

That brutish orc sneered with delight. He was big, he was mean, and I clubbed him. Two hits, then a third, then a masterful fourth. But he was not down.

He swung at me and connected, the flames burning me, deep. He missed twice. I spit at him and swung again. Another three hits, and then the final one, the one that connected with his skull crushing it. I leaned over and picked up my sword, belting the mace.

I looked around, a fireball went off in the middle of a cluster of orcs, scattering them. Scanning, where is she? And then I saw a flash of light and a chain of lightning. Following it back, running towards her, I saw other orcs running. A swing here, a swing there, felling them, slaughtering them whole. Not much left of them to start with.

I came up to Fiola and tossed her stuff and mace to her. She took up her mace and smiled.

She looked in her stuff and pulled out two scrolls. A large group of orcs were rushing towards us and she read one scroll, and colored rays shot from her palm, dazzling, beautiful, and terrifying. Some of the orcs seemed to be struck blind, many started retching, some burning, some with acid dripping onto them. Three turned to stone. Some just vanished. And a few seemed to go crazy, running and slashing at their comrades.

Next, she summoned an elder fire elemental. That creature seemed to sweep through the orcs, scattering them and drawing their fire.

"Mord, I will deal wit you later. Now, help me kill the chief and witch doctor."

"Yes, Fiola. Let's get these guys."

And so we went, most orcs distracted by the lumbering fire elemental making quick work of them. Yells and screams of pain all over the place. In the back, we saw the chief and witch doctor talking.

"Kord, strike these with the flames of your vengeance." And next to me, Fiola seemed to be whipping up another fireball. Flames erupted, killing all those around the chief and witch doctor and leaving them burned and angry.

"Gruumsh, destroy him." And I could feel the power of Gruumsh trying to destroy me. But I resisted, suffering mightily.

I flung myself at the witch doctor, to kill him. Fiola turned to the chief, her palm emitting a blinding light, the chief suddenly thrashing, apparently blinded.

My sword made contact with the witch doctor, dealing a serious blow. He struck back, but missed.

I saw Fiola dodge the chief and then swing her mace, electricity encasing the chief, again and again. He swung madly, but did not hit.

I laid out my full attack, once, twice, three, four, pounding this orc, lighting him in fire, and causing him agony. He tried to get away, but I have a big reach, and I swung as he fled, felling him.

I turned and heard Fiola cry out, she had been hit hard, she seemed to be almost out. I was about to rush over, when I caught sight of her delivering a devastating attack against the chief. He fell.

I looked around, barely able to breathe. I saw the fire elemental fall. The fields were strewn with the dead, but there were still some pretty ferocious orcs about. I think they had just come in. They looked fresh and lusting for vengeance. We had devastated their tribe, disrupted their plans for Gruumsh redemption. Oh man, they were angry and they seemed very tough.

I went over and healed Fiola, looking about. We could run. I nodded towards the woods and Fiola nodded in agreement. But before we went she cast another spell and sleet fell on the orcs. They seemed to slip and slide, but I could not see very well.

We fled. We ran as fast as we could.

And then we found a cave in the mountains. I could hear shouts and barking. I knew they were following us. I had but one chance. I prayed to Kord and called upon the power to shape stone itself. I closed the entrance, smoothing it as if it never existed, leaving but a few cracks for air.

Fiola fell unconscious while we ran so I carried her. I will heal her now. Pray for me.

Mords of Wisdom: Women get there way. Always. Just go with it.