Escape and Capture

Well, I did succeed in rescuing Fiola. It did not go exactly as planned.

I got to the altar well enough, cut her ropes, and gathered her into my arms. Looking around, I saw no one. So I ran towards the forest. Halfway there, the alarm went off in the tribe. Someone had noticed. We were close to the forest, so close.

Fiola was still slumped over my shoulder. No time to heal her. Must run, going very fast now.

"There they are. Over here."

I signaled to Kord to hide me and have my image run the other way.

"They are turning, cut him off there."

And so it was that they pursued my image, while I ran in another direction. I splashed through a river and up into the hills. I could hear the worgs coming. They would not be fooled.

I paused a moment and healed Fiola. She stirred, opened her eyes.

"Mord! What are you doing here, where is my mace?"

"Shhhhh. They pursue us still. Do you know of a place to hide?"

"Hide? No. I do not hide. Since when are you a coward, cowering in the face of some orcs?"

"There are over a hundred orcs out there. They have grown in numbers. And you are hurt, injured."

"Tis no matter, we must slaughter them. Tonight, especially. The chief and witch doctor must die. They have plans to..."

"Quiet. I hear them." And I could hear they were closing in.

"I welcome this, Mord. I will fight them."

"No, Fiola, not like this. Get free. I will take them." And looking around, I saw that there was a lake that might shelter her. "Kord, hold her. Let her breathe underwater." And so I froze her, though I could see her eyes seething. And hoping she could breathe, I picked her up and ran and threw her into the water. Well, that should do, I hoped.

And I turned to face my attackers. A dozen orcs had found me. I lit my sword and took to them. I killed three and a worg, before they finally tackled me.

"Where's the female?" this brutish orc asked, smacking me and spitting in my face.

"I sent her away. I could send only one so she is gone, back to New Ardlord. You will not have her this night."

"Well, then Gruumsh shall consume you. Boys, take him. I will take the sword." And he laughed, cruelty licking his face.

And so I find myself, strapped to the altar, just with this stone. I prepare to die. "Kord, thank you for allowing me to rescue Fiola. May she have the wisdom to flee."

What is that smell? I see yellow vapors rolling along, orcs dying. Ouch, a stinging spray, ow, ow. Wait. My ropes, they are burning, I can, yes, just, so, "Kord, give me my strength." And I burst my ropes.

Mords of Wisdom: Learn how to escape pursuit.