Dwarf roast

So we marched along this ridge for a few days trying to get to the dwarven realms. After many days, boring except for the silly For Napkin, we see smoke in the distance. Me got excited. Others not so much. Me wonder why. But I go and others follow. When we get to fire, Barrel finds a giant burning furniture.

Pitter and I go forward with For Napkin on our heels. I say "Kord, give me the size to best this giant, should the giant be foe." And I become big, so big. A giant size. Then I say, "Kord, is the giant a foe? Give me the sight to see." And then I could feel the giant was evil. And then we heard a death cry. Again, me too late. But so Pitter and I fought giant. Air And Wander and Barrel shoot arrows at each other while Pitter and I fight. For Napkin tried to attack, but very short. All Grins took a long time to join us. Dwarves seem lazy.

Me got banged up pretty good. So I, uh, protected our backs by moving off. I said "Kord, let your sword fight this giant and hear the glory of your name as the giant breathes its last breath." And Kord's sword appeared and attacked the giant. But then Pitter fell down. All Grins seemed surely next so I rushed in, barely conscious myself and dealt the death blow in a stunning feat of destruction. The giant fell on All Grins.

Then I got to heal the brave. Sadly, the death cry came from a dwarf that had been tortured to death. And we found more, dwarf children and another dwarf, dead in a cave.

After first fight we went into this dwarf cave. They can carve stone well. And we got to fight two more giants! My clever friends had us trap them. They were too big for the tunnels. But too dumb to know that. So Pitter and I hid in some rooms and the others stood at the end of the tunnel and called them. As the first passed, Pitter stepped out and blocked the second from advancing. Me came out and attacked the backside of the other giant. All was well until Pitter fell down again. He likes to fall. I rushed over to him and killed the second giant. Me strong.

So now we need to figure out what those giants were looking for, find it, and then avoid big giant army to north. Me thinks it will be a busy day.

But Mord happy. Mord talked with Kord today as much as Kord allows. Mord tired now. Mord also did lots of damage and got damaged. It was like Mord's birthday party. Mord could even feel the blessing of Kord as my stroke almost went into the wall, but I stumbled and the blade went into the giant instead. Thanks be to Kord!

The giant moves no more.

Mords of Wisdom: Giants are strong. Ouch strong.