Who is Mord

So I began thinking. Maybe people in the future would like to know who Mord really is. Where did Mord come from? Why is Mord trudging around with humans, elves, dwarves, and a stone giant?

I was born far away, far to the east. Across the seas so they say. My father was a member of the Kordork tribe. They converted to worship the great and fun Lord Kord. My father took the name of Jagord and was a fiercesome warrior. My mother was a high priestess of Kord, named Elianord. She was magnificent. She refused to be with any mate that could not best her in the Kordian trials. None could, not even the orcs, except for Jagord. She was a proud jewel of the temple, with a fist to be reckoned with.

Mom and Dad were so happy together. But we went through a lot of furniture. They would tell me "Go. We need to play." And then when I came back, we would need to clean up the bits of pieces of the chairs and tables that were left. Or I should say, I had to clean. They were always too tired and bruised. I wanted to see them practice for the trials, but they always said that they were not practicing for them. But if not that, then what..................Oh. I see now. Oh.

When I was seven, about to take my first Kordian trial, everything changed. Our colony was targeted for slaughter. Mom and me were told to go on a ship. Dad stayed to give us time to escape. He gave me his armor and I cried. He slapped me and said, "Never cry. I will find you. I just have to slaughter some heathen first." As we sailed, I saw flames and I could smell the flesh burning and screams of terror and battle.

Our ship made it to New Ardlord and we became part of the temple. Many of us disappeared, but some of us were still there. Mom resumed her duties, but she never practiced for the trials again. She seemed like she was carrying ten hogs on her shoulders. I was sad. I know not what happened to my father. I hope to find out one day.

When I was in the temple, I could not keep up with the studies. I remember overhearing the clerics saying

He is strong and he is wise. But he is dumb. I am not sure if he can be a cleric.

But he could be a great cleric of Kord. He will never lead our people in temple. But what he could do out there, is amazing.

But the trials. These are sacred. He will not pass.

Have faith, he will. And when he does, he can go after them. He can find them and help them.

Kord preserve us if the others ever find out what we did....

And that is all I heard as they walked away.

I passed my trials though I never was good at letter writing. It just didn't make any sense to me. But I could recite the holy text of Kord word for word. It made so much sense. I could speak from my heart and the words would flow out. I love Kord. He is my lord. My greatsword is his as it was his when it was my mother's. I miss Mom.

When I cam of age, I was told to go out and find the lost peoples of Kord. I said, "What? What lost people?" They said, "Find them and you will know." I said, "Where are they?" They said "They are lost. We do not know. That is your task. Let the might and right of Kord lead you. Do good in the name of Kord and all will be well." And they gave me a nice belt and gloves.

So I started looking into some farm land outside of the city. I am not good at reading maps. Or it was a bad map. Anyway, I was in this swamp and I heard some fighting. So I ran and found Pitter fighting some small dragonish creatures. I helped him. And then I met Barrel and All Grins and ForgetMeSoon. I liked the bear. And Barrel's dog. Ah yes, Barrel's dog. I always thought the dog looked tasty.

So that's me. I am young. I have wondrous chain armor of Kord from my father and a greatsword with a Kordian inscription in the hilt from my mother.

Mords of Wisdom: Family heirlooms are neat though getting them is sad.