Spoils of Failure

So the king called us up and we had to tell him what we had done. His people were impressed with our bravery. I was sad. WE FAILED to save the elf lady. I was not strong enough. I must work harder. I must save someone.

King Fella is a heck of a nice fella. He give Barrel a new pair of boots. They looked like nice soft boots. Now Barrel can sneak up on me and I do not hear him. I am thinking of getting a bell and tying it around his neck. Use a Kordian knot?

All Grins got a shiny ring. It takes me longer now to beat All Grins at arm wrestling. He is so short. How can he compete with me.

Pitter got a nice club. I mean, a really nice club. It looked like it was nice.

The king turned to me and said "You eat a lot" and gave me a ring. I grinned and said "Is this food?" Before he could respond I tasted the ring. Not very tasty. He said "No, just wear it." Oh, and so I put it on my finger. It looks nice. I am not as hungry or sleepy as I used to be. I had heard of such things before. Kord's athletes sometimes use them to train for a long time. They get strong and fast. I hope I can still enjoy eating hogs and drinking ale.

After that, he asked if we were going to continue up North to dwarven country. We said yes. All Grins and Pitter want to go. I like to go anywhere. Barrel seems to like All Grins. Me wonder.

Fella told us that he wanted us to take his son with him. Apparently his son has issues so now we get to baby-sit. Very sad. But son seems nice. Not sure what problem is. He is Air And Wander. I will call him Air.

My drinking buddy Napkin is also going with us. He is a gnome and has traveled far and wide. He told Mord all about it during an all-night drinking binge.

So now we leave the elves and head to the dwarves. Apparently, there is a giant war there. That sounds more fun. Mord like to fight steel, not magics and posions like those dark elves.

Mords of Wisdom: Kings have nice stuff.