Tree house of Elves

So King Fella called us to go and find out about some savage attack to a farm of one of his people.

So we go and we find a farm house that was ransacked. Barrel followed some tracks to a tree house. I climbed up to tree house and found scared little elfling. I was my usual pleasant self, but the child was inconsolable with grief. So somehow we got kid out. Good friend Pitter took child back to town while we waited. He brought back wimpy reinforcements. They good for taking damage. So we ambushed scoundrel dark elf that came back to hut for some reason. We killed dark elf. Then we followed tracks of other dark elf, companion dark elf. That elf had a hostage.

King gave us invisibility potions. Yay! We found dark elf cave. We go in. We get attacked and we let guards run. But guards not ring bells. Apparently big ceremony going on. So we go to. Mord likes a party. But not this party. This party not good. The dark city of the dark elves was dark. Circular. Big cavern. Fun times.

So we take invisibility potions and go to meeting place. We join hands cause we cannot see each other. And we circle around and then we see a stage and a curtain. And we go down. We brave. We dumb. And fortunately all the dark elves were busy with their dark elf priestesses that turn into spiders and eat their own kind. Very weird.

Behind the curtain was a bunch of dark elf priestesses and a flaming minotaur! Mord would have liked to attack. But Mord knew that was folly. Despite Mord's great strength. And great hide. And then we saw her, the poor child's mother being held captive by a dark elf. Mord was seething. Mord could do nothing. So Mord did parlor trick. Mord made elf lady Large. All it really meant was that the flaming minotaur did not have to bend over when ripping lady's head and spine. Brutal. Pitter was brave. Pitter attacked. Pitter became visible. Pitter missed. Lady not saved. Minotaur noticed. Pitter ran. Others ran and bowled me over. I was stunned. All Grins ran invisible with clanky armor. That was weird. Me ran too. Me got out and so did all the others. We ran. We found guards. We killed guards. Maybe I killed guards. I do lots of damage.

Then we ran and ran and ran and ran. But no one came after us. So now we are back and the king summons us once again. Oh King Fella!

Mords of Wisdom: Large women can also be decapitated.