King Falla…fella?

So me and my mates were in an elven place. It was nice. They had elven wine which was okay. They had lots and lots of food that I kept eating. So on our way to this elven place, we were attacked by dark elves. A dog died. I erected a monument to said dog. But the dark elves later came back and removed it. I was sad. My friend, Barrel, was sad at the loss of his dog. Now he has a wolf. I like the wolf. I want to wrestle wolf but Barrel says no.

Anyway, when we got to the elves, we told them about dark elves. They did not believe us. They said "Show us". So we marched back out and showed them. Then we marched back. Boring. I think. I was a bit muddled with elf wine. Anyway, we had a druid elf, Forget Me Soon, with us originally. Had a big bear. The bear I wrestled. That was fun. But elf went away. Which was fine. But bear went too. Mord sad.

Anyway, we are back in the elf city and the king calls us again. Why do kings call us? The king is King Fallas... something. I call him King Fella, your a heck of a nice fella. I rhyme!

Mords of Wisdom: Don't drink too much elf wine before meeting the king.