Me Mord

Hi. Me Mord. I not big on words, but silly wizard-man from future say I should write. So he gave me a book and I said, "Write?" He groaned. Then I said, "I can speak". And he grumbled. I think he not happy.

He vanished in a poof of smoke and then he came back while I was eating a hog. It was just a small hog. It was tasty. Mmmm...spit-roasted hog with a tankard of ale. That was good.

So wizard-man was standing in front of me and gave me a black stone. He said, "Speak into this your thoughts and experiences and it will record what you say." I say "okay". But then I wonder. Why? So I say, "Why?"

Hi sighes deeply. "Mord, this may be hard for you to believe, but those words of wisdom of yours that have survived the centuries still warm the hearts and minds of many of Kord's followers."

"So you are from the future?"

"Yes, and I have been tasked with getting more of your, uh, words of wisdom."

"Okay. I just speak into stone?"

"Yes, and, Mord, do not tell anyone about this. If you do, the repercussions on the future could be dramatic."

"They have drums in the future? Again? At plays? What?"

"Speak and be silent."

"Okay. Will you leave now? I have hog to eat."

And just like that he disappeared. Now where did my mead go to? I got more hog to eat!

Mords of Wisdom: Hog is mightier than the future.