Giants on the Move

"Mord, any news on Grog?"

"Uh, um, no, A Brick. I have been distracted."

"Mord, we need all the information we can get. There is a free ale in it for you ..."

"Do you know how long it takes to scry? And it has been so pointless. But if you insist. Two ales."


So went the usual morning routine. A Brick loves me to go and scry on Grog, that lovable hill giant that we let loose. Why can't they get their own hill giant? It is boring to watch Grog. And often disgusting.

So I scryed. And then I heard something.

"Today, we will crush the dwarves. We will storm their stronghold and be rid of their presence. Peace will come to these lands as the blood of the dwarves flow down the mountains. I, General High Low, promise you a victory over these ..." Cheery stuff like that.

It seemed that the giants were finally preparing for an attack on one of the dwarf clans. I could not see where the force was or how big, but it did not seem good.

I rushed to A Brick and told him the news. He looked grim and informed his people.

I decided to commune with Kord about this. I asked him a variety of questions and I deduced that the clan of Like More was about to be attacked. It also seemed that there were non-giant forces working with and/or directing the giants. It was a little unclear. I think, maybe, just maybe, Kord had just come back from a very full liquid feast.

I found A Brick and let him know that at the very least Like More was in peril. He sighed and said that he had no way to communicate with them, but hoped that the Hoarder clan could contact them.

I went and assembled the team. Throw Down and Pitter teleported back from the Tackling clan; the teleport rings allowed everyone to travel easily between the two clans. After so many centuries, the two clans were embracing each other like long lost brothers. I hoped to one day know the feeling.

Once the others had assembled, we found A Brick for advice. He told us how to find the Hoarders. He also suggested that while we could do little to take on an entire giant army, that perhaps we could do something to slow their onslaught. He thought killing their general, while not easy, would be both doable and effective in slowing their advance. A Brick also authorized some dwarven clerics to give us the power to take the form of vapors and move fast.

And so we went. We found the Hoarders pretty quickly. We met All No who was rather appalled at what was facing the dwarves and had some knowledge about the Like More clan. He at least told us where to find them. And he said that they had already received reports that Like More was under attack.

And so we flew, flew to the clan of Like More. When we arrived, the battle was done. The giants were "cleaning up". We saw them piling dwarf bodies up on a pyre, the smoke of the first fallen dwarf clan filling the mountain air.

I looked around and All Grins was furious. Pitter was distressed. Barrel was twitchy. Throw Down was pensive. Lo Show seemed very uncomfortable wafting in the air.

We discussed what to do. There was the suggestion that Pitter could try to infiltrate the army. That seemed exceedingly dangerous. And we wondered whether the lead giant would be there or back at camp. We decided to check out the camp.

And so we are flying along the path that the giants took. Tracking giants is far too easy.

Mords of Wisdom: Be alert as any day could be the day when it all changes.