Heavy Clouds

We found the camp, a sprawling camp with many tents indicating a massive giant army. Most of the place seemed empty, but we saw a few hill giants about.

There was a single, extremely large tent with a frost giant guarding it. We figured the general could be there. We were about to bring the High down to the Low.

We landed and took solid form again.

I asked Kord for his favor while the others prepared in their way for combat.

We advanced from the back of the tents, out of the forest, creeping up. And then I had my image run a distraction down the side of the battle field. As Frosty went after the image, calling the troops to action, I ran into the command tent, invisible but still noticeable.

In the tent, I saw a huge giant with a small barbed tree laying next to his desk. This was a serious fellow. I could see the giant hear Frosty and he got up to take a look. He looked around as if suspecting that someone might be around, but he did not find me. And so I launched my attack, doing considerable damage.

And then he lunged blindly at me and connected. The blow was devastating. I returned landing three blows and I could tell he was ready to fall. But that enraged him and he landed three blows upon me, shattering me. I collapsed under the weight of such blows, barely surviving. Indeed, I suspect most would have bled to death on that cold floor.

Unsure as to what to do next, my next action was not needed for Throw Down appeared and was able to cast a lightning arc between High Low and a hill giant I saw outside the tent. That felled the giant who promptly fell on me. It took me quite some time in my weakened state to get from underneath that giant. It was only thanks to the strength of Kord that I finally made it out.

From what I gathered later, Barrel largely took out Frosty with a bunch of well-placed arrows. And then the hill giants, some eight in total, came upon the various party members. All Grins had a stack of three dead giants in front of him when I appeared. Barrel felled another and Pitter took out two as well. I think Throw Down also took out some as well as generally doing devastating magical damage to any and all giants that came across his path.

In the end, we obliterated all that were in the camp and left with the general's papers and maps.

I came close to dying. I was foolish to take on the cloud giant by myself. I must contain my arrogance and work to be a part of the team more. My friends are powerful, I am powerful, but together, together, we are unstoppable.

Mords of wisdom: Fools rush in, survivors hang back.