Settling in

Dwarves are fun. I was bored with elves, but with dwarves, they fun.

I have had many drinking contests. I not so good with them, but I think that is the point.

But I have wrestled many. Door Lick was a bit of a challenge, but Smell Door went down immediately. A Brick refuses to wrestle, saying something about duty, frivolity, or something. But I have wrestled with at least half of his guards. They all go away with bruised bodies and glum looks.

A Brick had talked with each of us. I couldn't tell too much with the others, they seem not to talk about it. But I did catch sight of Barrel giving his chain shirt to A Brick. Later I see Barrel wearing it and the chains now look pretty nice.

I also saw Barrel working with dwarven archers. Makes sense, I suppose. At first, I saw him working with them, and they seemed to be laughing. But lately they seem to be buying him ale. Nice bunch. It also seems that he has some nice gloves and some wrist stuff; it looks he is no longer hurting himself with a bow. Seems nice.

All Grins has almost disappeared. At first, he stayed with us, making sure no dwarf got into our face. And it did take awhile. One dwarf, maybe lady dwarf?, spit in Pitter's face, stomped his foot, and then, when I grimaced, she fled. We have found that many dwarves leave when we enter the pub. But it is getting better. It never really did back home. But the dwarves seem to appreciate our offers of help.

So A Brick has me working with his dwarves with training them to fight giants. He knows I can make people big, so he has me making his various dwarves be giant and then they can learn what it is like to be a giant and what is hard for a giant to do. They seem to be getting better.

Apparently, the length of my spell was too short, so A Brick gave me a rod. It is a nice little rod. It apparently can make my spells work longer. Doesn't work with all of my spells, but still. It works with this one.

Pitter and me are also working with the little dwarf children. We are big enough to look like giants to them. So we have fun and wrestle. Pitter seems to enjoy it. But one day, after Pitter accidentally hurt one of them too much, another said "You are an evil giant, just like my mom said. Why are you here, you awful creature?" Pitter was devastated. He ran away. I picked the little one, chucked him in the corner, and told him not to move. I then healed up the hurt one and called it a day. I picked up the bad little one and walked away from the others. I had a talk with the dwarf. He said I stank. I said thank you. He said I was dumb. I said, not all can do their sums, but maybe sums need not be done by them. After awhile, he seemed to tire down and admitted that his family was not doing well. The father was a gem-cutter and with the attacks, there were not so many gems to be had.

Me understood. Me also tried to get him to see Pitter was not responsible. He said that he knew that and was sorry. Later, he did apologize to Pitter. But Pitter was shaken. He wants peace and wants to be with his people. I understand. So I said let's go get those Door boys in a wrestling match. That seemed to cheer him up.

Oh, Barrel is back. He seems to be carrying a fish with an arrow in the eye. It looks tasty. Last week, he hunted down a mountain goat. Barrel does like shooting lots of stuff.

Mords of wisdom: Giant dwarves are fun, little dwarves can be mean.