Wet and Bruised

I was in the pub, watching Barrel give a bow he made to a dwarf. The dwarf seemed happy, but me seen bows. That no bow. That firewood.

I couldn't take it, even with the ale. So I left. I have been wandering around quite a bit during the night hours. The place becomes quiet. I don't sleep much now. At first, I thought that was great. But now, I get lonely. I train with the dwarves most of the day, wrestle and drink in the pub, and then they all go home and sleep. For me, I just wander. So I know these streets pretty well. A favorite place of mine is a river that flows through these caves.

So I went there. I saw a an old dwarf lady staring into the water, holding a chain with a beautiful gem. It was captivating. She saw me and got startled. In that moment, she dropped the chain and went into the water. I saw it descend and she started crying. So I told her I would get it.

"Kord, grant this humble servant the ability to breathe in water as the fish do. And, let me move through the water in the freedom as they do."

So I dove into the waters. I could see that the chain had caught on something and I swam towards it. This was fun. But then a creature swam by the chain and the chain got lodged onto it. So I gave chase. It went deep, very deep.

I think it would have been to0 cold for most, but I find it comfortable. At last, I caught the creature and tried to get the chain. But it squirmed and became frantic. The chain dropped. So I followed. I finally had grasp of the chain and started to go back up.

But me not get anywhere. I look, and I see that a tentacle has me. So I put the chain on and took out my sword. I slashed at the slimy beast. It shot up many more, pulling me in, closer and closer. I fought furiously. I was hurting, but I got free. I swam blindly and then made it out of there. When I got to the surface, I was far away from where I was. I had never even been in this place before.

I looked around, it was quiet. There were dwarven markings and it seemed some statues were erected and sealed tunnels all around. But I saw one that was open. I went for it. I came upon a gate and found two dwarves standing in front. I knocked.

The dwarves jumped their height, whirled around and nearly skewed me with their spears.

"Fellows, stop. It's just me, Mord! Look you are Cup Chick. I beat you yesterday in the town." Cup Chick didn't look pleased to be reminded of that. I didn't know the other dwarf. But they said "What are you doing in the catacombs?" I said, "What? Cat Combs? Why do cat's have combs? Me just swimming. See. I wet." They grumbled something about being an idiot and let me out, but escorted me to the guards. A Brick came out.

"Mord, it is a serious offense for outsiders to be in the catacombs. What were you doing there?"

So I explained and showed him the chain and gem. I described the old lady. She was very distinctive. He knew no one like that. They put the word out, but no one knew anything. He put me in holding for three days until they finished their investigation. They could see that I got out of the water and went to the gates.

I also now have this chain on an amulet. So I happy about that. It seems to make me feel more stable, healthier even. But who was that lady?

Mords of Wisdom: Before diving in, get names.