The End Begins

At last, at last. After much studying in that dratted elf's library, we are now done! Oh I hate reading. So boring.

But at last we get to see action. Uncle Arry and the council agree that we need to investigate the eastern continent and stop the demon plague. ISear seems very excited about this. He even gave Pitter a great cold-iron club. ISear will be traveling with us as will Arry. AllGrins is too busy with dwarf matters to go traveling with us anymore.

ISear argued that we should go straight to his mountain home, but Arry and me successfully argued that a slow approach would be good and so we shall go to the southern portion near the old Kord colony. To see that place fills me with excitement and anticipation. What will we find? What did happen to my father?

Tomorrow, tomorrow! I will find these answers. Me so awake!

Mords of Wisdom: To sleep, avoid anticipation.