Again, Core?

We told ABrick about this experience and his reaction was a sigh. Not what we expected.

"You AllGrins, king of the dwarves? The old mountain home destroyed? Well, at least the giants are to trouble us no more. You know, Mord, the dwarves of old were into blood magic. Core had to sacrifice himself to do that. That is why no one blew up the mountain back in the old days. I had always wanted to find it, to see if the legends were true..."

ABrick took AllGrins for a long walk to discuss the next steps.

I flew back later and there was no mountain. Just a crater filled with rock. We have not heard from Core since. I can find no trace of him.

And yet, if I know Core, this is not the last we shall see of him.

Weakling is whole again in body, but not in mind. He sits there, a look of horror and shame frozen on his face.

Mords of Wisdom: A price to be paid is but to be expected.