The Fall of GalNear

What a glorious morning!

We awoke in the detonation room and, after the reclaiming of the hammers, and the glowing of the red button, we made our way back to the others. And there we formed our daring plan. A plan to rescue Weakling, a plan to kill the head giant, and then a plan to crush the rest of the marauding giants.

We positioned ourselves above the vast trash room that is the giants' home. We could hear and see through the cracks what was going on. After waiting for awhile, the giants began to assemble and thunder. We saw GalNear walk up, holding Weakling.

"This little dwarf bears the symbol of those who killed so many of our brethren. This symbol of a mangy god. A puny dwarf whose time is nearly at an end." And he started to poke and prod Weakling, who was barely conscious, bleeding, and near death. "What say you, little dwarf?"

"I serve my lord Kord..." was all Weakling could get out.

The giants sneered "I serve my sad little mangy lord Kord" over and over, each time spitting and laughing.

I had had enough. I got up and hurled myself down a garbage chute that came out near GalNear. I emerged from the chute growing huge, shouting with full force "My name is Mord. I serve my lord Kord with this greatsword." It thundered out, echoing through the chutes, and then I crashed down into a roll with a slash deep into GalNear.

He flung Weakling aside, cursing at me. I dove to catch Weakling, just as GalNear slammed his massive club into my backside. I caught Weakling and tumbled into a wall. GalNear approached, growling with hatred.

I could tell Weakling did not have much time. I called upon Kord to heal him as I took punishing blows from GalNear. I managed to strike him deeply, but it seemed to enrage him further. My strength would not last long, I feared. It was then that a mighty dwarven yell of rage crashed around the caverns. I saw the bodies of giants flung high into the air, each crashing with a mighty thud.

Then I saw AllGrins come up and swear at GalNear with all the fury that little dwarf had. And he had a lot. Then he began to pound GalNear into dust. The two went at it for what seemed an eternity while I tended to Weakling, fending off a rush of giants. The others were doing their best to hold back the storming giants, with lightning, fire, and the twanging of a bow, filling the distance.

Then it happened. GalNear fell and with a quick hop, AllGrins jumped on top of GalNear and proclaimed himself the dwarven king of old, returned resplendent in power: "By the power of Moradin, you shall not live to see this evening," AllGrins cried out.

I signaled Core to activate the explosion. And then we all joined hands and I asked Kord to take us away, back to halls of ABrick. And in a swirl, as the masses descended on us and the rocks descended on them, we were gone.

Mords of Wisdom: Make sure the angry dwarves are on your side.